R4s vs. RE (two out of three falls....)

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Other than the higher shutter speed, TTL flash (weak at best), and diopter correction, do you gain anything in going with the RE over the R4s? Is the RE more reliable than the 4s? Better build quaility? Considering the price difference can be $200-300 between the two, what's the best buy?

I have a 4s, but want a backup for a trip to the desert next month (I also have my wifes Canon 2000 with the novaflex as a third backup). Any thoughts?

-- JDR (jrivera@vapop.ucsd.edu), January 14, 2002


The R-E's advantages over the R4s other than those you mentioned include better weather seals, manual shutter speeds visible in the viewfinder, and idiot-proofed mode switches. These were all introduced with the R4sP. I never had weather-related probles with my R4s, but the lack of manual shutter speeds in the viewfinder and the mode switches that were too easy to move drove me bonkers.

-- Douglas Herr (telyt@earthlink.net), January 14, 2002.

Sofar I considered the fact that in M mode my R4s shows the spot meter recommendation as useable. It shows me if I'm way of or if there is a significant change in light.

Commonly I start a day-light session with a grey-card measurement using the spot meter, then I set to manual and start shooting around. It means I always should have the correct speed set, unless the light changes. When I see in my viewfinder that there is a huge difference, in what I have set and what the recommendation is, I do an extra check.

-- ReinierV (rvlaam@xs4all.nl), January 14, 2002.

To me the only advantage to the R-E/R5 is the diopter in the viewfinder and it being higher eyepoint, and those are advantages I won't do without. If they are of no consequence to you and you're happy with the R4s, the added cost would be a waste.

-- Jay (infinitiydt@aol.com), January 14, 2002.

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