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I'd like to know if the Horseman Bag Bellows will fit my Sinar F+, or if I'll have to make some modifications. Thanks!

-- Paulo Ogino (, January 13, 2002


Yes, it should fit. The bellows and lensboard fittings are the same for Sinar and Horseman. (At least for the 4X5 range. The things that don't fit are lensboards from the foldable Horseman field cameras.)

-- Björn Nilsson (, January 14, 2002.

It will fit but perhaps with a little work. My experience has been that Horseman boards and bellows fit the Sinar but can be a little bit tight. I don't know if there is a specification difference or just tolerance issues. One Horseman board and the Horseman bag bellows I have both fit but you almost had to force them. A close examination revealed the one inside edge on the Horseman was a square edge wheras on the Sinar it was beveled slightly. A few minutes with the jewelers files and it now fits without using much force. My Sinar is quite new, perhaps after a few years of use and wear it would not be a noticable problem.

-- Dave Schneider (, January 14, 2002.

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