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I am curious as to when the Focomat Ic was first produced and when production ceased. Also does anyone know when the Valoy II was first produced and again when production ceased ?

Kind Regards,

Tony Salce

-- Tony Salce (, January 13, 2002


Hi Tony,

the VALOY II was in production between 1953 and 1961.

Production of the FOCOMAT IC started in 1950, was improved several times and ended in 1977.

Successor of the FOCOMAT IC was the V35 in 1978. It is now out of production.

If you should look for one for your darkroom: the FOCOMAT IC is much cheaper than the V35-enlarger and still a great s/h-investment. If it comes with a Colourhead it is not only good for b/w. The VALOY does not have an automatic focussing device and I would not like one of these for everyday use.

Best wishes

-- K. G. Wolf (, January 14, 2002.

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