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that was such a neato burito show!! i was very impressed. loved the new cover song! nate stop looking so gosh dang bored and wearing so much cologne LOL! ronnie u crack me up! jack vs the shark was the coolest. i even saw the brodys dancing around during ur guys' set and tony was even jumpin up and down. u had bryce screamin for u guys after every song! congrats. that was an amazing show. we r all in deep crap from out parents now but oh well it was worth it! shauna says thats the best show she's ever seen u guys put on. PS RONNIE DANG U!!!!! I WILL GET MY VIDEO ONE DAY!!!!! OH I WILL!!!!!

-- Punk Princess LaUrA (, January 13, 2002


wow to the izzo, eee to the izzay

what was the new cover song? i remember requesting jay-z...

-- stranger at the backdoor (, January 15, 2002.

it was more like

"i popped the teacher!"

-- Punk Princess LaUrA (, January 15, 2002.

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