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I have to make a promotion CD that will play on both Mac and PC for my boss. I edited the DV and exported it as an avi movie by using Adobe Premiere. After that, I used avi2vcd software to convert the .avi movie to .mpeg in order to make the movie fit in a cd with good quality(I hope that I used the right way. If don't, Please tell me.) However, I have to open the movie in the CD in order to see it. I know that if I put the CD into DVD ROM, it will start and play. I wonder if I can make a startup movie that will play automatically? Do I need other software to make it happen? Or I have to use other method to make it happen. Thank you very much.

-- Manas Narax (, January 11, 2002


You can create a VCD with VideoPack4 and put your intended start *.mpg into a node, right click on such and choose start.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 12, 2002.

on the pc it's just a question of setting up autorun.inf correctly - but it's a little tricky to do cos one may have to invoke a line command that includes the drive letter which, of course, one cannot predict..

when i tried myself on one project i purchased a widget from to open an html menu giving a choice between formats

it was still a little hit and miss tho - i now just stick INDEX.HTM in the root sirectory and print 'CD-ROM' and 'TO PLAY OPEN INDEX.HTM' on the label, and leave it at that

i've no idea how to do autorun on mac

i have leant to keep all filenames as 8.3 capitals (ISO 9660 compliant) to work cross-platform with the html

there are just too many variants across machines to make it work reliably all the time

-- WWWhatsup (, January 12, 2002.

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