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I need your help. Am looking for an R7 grip (not the R7 grip that could fit the winder) so i can handhold prettily the camera with long lens.

-- edgaddi (edgaddi@msn.com), January 11, 2002


I had one lying around and sold it a short while ago, it was the GMP grip made of aluminum. I didn't find that it provided any advantage in gripping the R7. When handholding, I find that most of my "grip" consists of gripping the lens with my left hand and forcing it against my face, and I only hold the camera in my right hand very gently otherwise I seem to shake the camera worse, grip or no.

-- Jay (infinitydt@aol.com), January 11, 2002.

Jay my thought would be not only to used it on long lens but short as well. I'd like the idea of handholding the R7 comfortably (just like the Nikon F100 that it feels well in your hand). The R7 is a very solid camera and it is therefore IMHO a handgrip is a must. Thanks.

-- edgaddi (edgaddi@msn.com), January 11, 2002.

Do you use an ever ready case on your R7? I realise it increases film change over time but it has always been of benefit with my R7 because it increases the cameras volume. Hope this helps. Julian

-- Julian Hart (jhart@rydon.co.uk), January 14, 2002.

Julian, thanks for the advise. Im amenable to your suggestion, i do think that it improves ergonomics on the camera plus protect the bottom part of the R7 which are (am worried) might be prone to scratches. Im not a regular "shooter" so changing film wont that me much of a problem or bothersome. Thanks.

-- edgaddi (edgaddi@msn.com), January 14, 2002.

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