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I am in Jakarta, Indonesia at the moment and am having a hard time finding a pro processing shop and digital neg/slide scanning here. I will be going to Singapore soon and hope that someone can recommend a shop there where I can get the best services. Thanks all.

-- Ed Armsrtong (, January 11, 2002



I was in Singapore in November and I couldn't find any Pro Film Scanning Services there... The only dedicated film scanning are S$50.00 drum scans, which is certainly not a reasonable price...

There are a multitude of desktop scanners around though... I enquired at a dozen business's and they indicated that there is nothing other than drum scans available...

That is why I'm planning to advertise my Medium Format Scanning Service up in Singapore shortly... I know that various people send their work to Perth, Western Australia. The particular lab I used to deal with in Perth has customers from Singapore. They operate older technology scanners and consequently their prices reflect that... Upon request I can send you a sample print and disk. Also note that I include an Index print with each CD... I can also arrange Film processing, although I don't do it in house...

Brian Tasker Broome Scans C/O PO Broome Broome 6725 Western Australia

-- Brian Tasker (, January 14, 2002.


Please let me clarify my above statements; Desktop scanners are refering to Flatbed Scanners...

My scanning service (Broome Scans) utilises a Firewire equipped Medium Format Film Scanner interfaced with a MAC G4. My prices are extremely competitive!!! Without compromise to quality...

Have a good day,


-- Brian (, January 15, 2002.

1. Procolor, Raffles Lab,RGB,Spectra.Easily located by local Yellowpages. cheers!

-- gazza (, January 19, 2002.

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