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I am hoping that someone can help me. My hubby got laid off just before Thanksgiving. We have a small sharpening business that has really helped out since the lay off. We decided to put up a web site to promote the business. We have already created one of those free web sites in geocities but of course they get to put banners on it etc... This is my question, how is the best and most inexpensive way of getting our own domain name and what is the best(cheapest)way to get our site listed on those search engines?

We really would like to become more self sufficient, doing good work for someone else for years doesn't mean they are going to keep you employed, as many have been finding out.

If anyone has anything to offer it will be GREATLY appreciated. God Bless.

In case you would like to see it, the address is: Thanks again.

-- kathy (, January 10, 2002


Kathy -- to get your own domain name ( go to and buy one. To get a sub-domain (which might be all you need if you're in a small town, etc.) you go to your ISP (internet service provider) and tell them what you want. They generally will give you a sub-domain with your access package. In that case, your domain name for your website would look like the one you have.

Both are acceptable for a small business.

To get listed with search engines, in most cases all you do is make sure that they know you're there. Go to each (i.e.,,, and there should be a link on each to "contact us" or "add domain".

There are services which do this for a fee, but you don't need them, really.

DH and I just sold an ISP/ecommerce company last year. We never put out a dime for getting listed, or asked for money for sites to be listed with us. Reputable search engines shouldn't, as it only increases their traffic the better they are, and therefore the exposure their high-priced ads get.

You will, if you want to have your own domain name ( have to fork out the money. I think it's somewhere around $75US for the first two years, then a fee is to be paid annually after that to keep the name.

-- Tracy (, January 10, 2002.

I went to your website and it looks good, but your focus here should be how can you build your business, not how can you advertise for less. I have a marketing company and have been advising small businesses (power equipment retialers) for 10+ years.

You should make it easier for people to do business with you. Take Visa and Master Card, get a Toll Free phone number, make a direct mailing of postcards to a targeted list of potential customers to drive them to your website, etc.

You need to focus on other marketing that will send people to your site - they will not find you easily in the 1 billion website out there.

I started my own business 2 years ago and my wife started hers 2.5 years ago and it is the best thing we ever did. I added both too- free phone and Visa/MC this year for very little $ and I do business all over the US.

Feel free to email me if I can be of any help.

Ned Finkel Lancaster, New Hampshire

-- Ned Finkel (, January 10, 2002.

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