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Having turned Denver upside down, looking for replacement cartridges for Staticmaster brushes, I finally went on the 'net' and contacted the company who makes them. NRD, in Grand Island, NY. Got tired of finding some brushes than only had six months left on the expiration date. When I contacted the factory, they said they ship them out fresh with an 18 month effective date. The factory price was just about the same as the local dealer price. Why deal with a dealers stock that has just been sitting there with the clock ticking twords the expiration date. No, I don't have any connection with the company. Just a pro, interested in getting my money's worth. You can reach NRD at or 1-800-525-8076. Staticmasters have always been a stable for me for use cleaning film holders and negs, as I place them in my enlarger. Just thought I would pass this on. Best regards, Richard Boulware - Denver.

-- Richard Boulware (, January 10, 2002


I prefer Simco, a combination of brush and ionizator which has worked for many decades. Second hand they are ever so cheap.

-- andrea milano (, January 12, 2002.

I like the wide Kinetronics brushes. Long-lasting and no cartridges to worry about.

-- David Goldfarb (, January 13, 2002.

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