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I am having many problems creating VCD'S for my Cars DVD player. I use nero to burn "music" videos (.mpg & .mpeg) I have a 6 disk DVD player (Pioneers) for my car. heres the info on it.

Presenting a 6-disc changer unlike any other - the XDV-P9. In addition to playing standard audio CD/CDRs, it can handle DVD-video and video-CD discs. Combine it with a Pioneer A/V master unit and you can select and play either audio or video discs. A digital optical output provides Dolby® Digital™ and DTS™ multi-channel surround when connected with the AVM-P9000R. For further flexibility you can connect the included Remote Eye and use it with a rear-passenger video system. Versatility is this unit's middle name.


6-Disc DVD Video/Video CD/CD Player

Built-in MPEG2/1 Decoder

96kHz/24-bit D/A Converter

Controlled by IP-BUS Headunit-- Full Control by AV Entertainment Master Unit and External Control by Any IP-BUS Headunit

Stand-Alone Use with Supplied Remote Sensor for Rear AV Entertainment

Optical Digital Output for AV Entertainment Master Unit (DTS/Dolby Digital/Dolby Pro Logic/Linear PCM)

Analog IP-BUS Output for Front + RCA Out for Rear (Dolby Digital/Dolby Pro Logic/Linear PCM)

Composite Video Output (Front + Rear)

GUI with Joystick-type Remote Controller & New OSD

Remote Controller Compatible with Multi-DVD Player, Navigation System and AV Entertainment Master Unit

I use nero and I creat a VIDEO CD. I add the files but sometimes nero comes back saying that the files are NOT (super) Video CD. but when I burn them, (even the ones the are not Video CD ready (per nero) some of them come out ok, the others come out like S!!! what I mean is the song and video are there but are not playing together. for exp. one video plays the "video" just fine but its not with the "sound" so it looks like its lip sanging. on other videos, it sounds like its "skipping" durning the song but its not. (making poor sound)

From what the DVDS says, it can play mpeg/mpeg2?? formats. am I doing something wrong here? Any info would be nice. thanks

-- Solo Con (, January 10, 2002


Sorry, please close!!!!!!!1 this is a repost. did NOT mean to cut and past it here!!!

-- Solo Con (, January 10, 2002.

It cannot read CDRW media most likely....Just a guess. Does the VCD play in your home DVD player?


-- Tom Gellert (, January 15, 2002.

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