can Sony Hi8 videos be captured at any pc software : LUSENET : Video CD : One Thread

I'm new in this field and want to know and learn converting analog videos to digital format. I have Sony Video Hi-8 handycam, not a digital cam with firewire link or Usb just an RCA output, and i want to edit analog videos recorded thru this camera using video editting softwares available. Is there a hardware that uses RCA as inputs because i see only Firewires and USB (i guess these ports are for digital cams)? if there is any hardware/software that uses RCA as inputs please share a few... Thanks... Elmer

-- elmer del Rosario (, January 10, 2002


There is such hardware and it's called an analogue Video Capture Card. Apart from this,,,,,,, and of course, ALL of the thousands of entries right here in this forum. Trawl through the lot...

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 10, 2002.

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