FS: 5cm Focotar and serial number ?

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I possess (no, it possesses me) a 5cm f:4.5 Leitz Focotar that is UGLY. The serial number is stamped on the rear of the lens and is superceded by an asterisk (*). Are the Focotar serial numbers in the same sequencing methodology as the rest of the Leitz/ Leica lens line-up? Does the asterisk (*) indicate a replacement lens as it does in the balance of the line-up? Any takers?

I am also taking offers on said lens. Code DOOCQ. The serial number is 1245353*. The front and rear elements have cleaning marks on them. There are flecks of ? (black paint) between the elements and it appears to have the infamous Leica/Leitz fungus. The focus ring does not work.

Mark ;>

-- M. A. Johnson (logical1@catholic.org), January 08, 2002


The focus ring doesn't exist. The aperature works smoothly and the blades do not appear to have any lubricants on them. I can e-mail pictures privately if desired.

-- M. A. Johnson (logical1@catholic.org), January 08, 2002.

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