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What is some backround information about the poem "Annabel Lee"? If it's past Thursday, January 10th 2002, then your too late; otherwise.. Please help me!!! --Jess

-- Anonymous, January 08, 2002


As far as background is concerned, I am not entirely certain of what you ask, but nevertheless, regarding this, you may find more or less all of the information tending to the background of this poem at the following address, on which the poem itself is also written:

If it is something more to an analysis of the poem, I may be able to further help you in anything that you may request. By all means, e- mail me with any questions you may have, or simply post another question on this page. I hope that I have lent you some assistance in what you seek.

All Respects and Regards,

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2002

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