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Hello all, I'm new and just read the forum for about an hour so I'll keep it simple.I would like to convert from VHS to a CDR disk(don't know what format,I would like to get at least an hour per CD).I have a WINTV-PCI card,AMD Athlon 1600+(1400mhz) 256DDRam,60G 7200rpm drv. I would like to capture the video and audio together and keep it simple.I tried Premier 6(complicated).Windows movie maker seems to work ok but the files are HUGE. Also,I've had to capture the video first with VidCap32 then import to moviemaker. Suggestions are welcome as are links to where i can get some direct answers so as not to bore this forum.(Please reply in simple terms so I can grasp what you mean.There are so many settings and formats to chose from. Thanks to all that help. Tom, LongIsland, NewYork.

-- Tom capu (tomc585@yahoo.com), January 08, 2002


Check out vcdhelper.com guides. Personally i prefer to capture with virtualdub in 640x480 using hufyuv to compress. Use tmpeg to convert to vcd.

-- Gary Faw (deaftune2@hotmail.com), January 08, 2002.

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