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does such a thing exist such a thing? and how much does it cost? what is the best way to get there?

-- Lemas Mitchell (, January 08, 2002


You can take a boat trip to Xiamen from Hong Kong, but it's a lot quicker to take the 1 hour and 10 minute flight there. There are 3 day, 2 night package tours from Hong Kong for HK$2,500-HK$3,000 available on or (China Travel Service). These travel agents don't offer seagoing alternatives to the air trip, which most people prefer to a day or two on the ocean. If you are in Hong Kong, go to the Macau Ferry Terminal and check the schedule there, alternatively ask your travel agent to check out cruises departing from Ocean Terminal in Kowloon. Cargo vessels also ply this route, some may have space for passengers.

-- Ken Davies (, January 08, 2002.

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