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Can't play some VCD from USA on my PC - with many different players I get only one stiff image:

VCD test disk, I have downloaded, runs fine.

Information about VCD, acording to Bitrate Viewer:

Num. of picture read: 70813 Stream type: MPEG-1 CBR Resolution: 352*288 Aspect ratio: 4:3 PAL 625 Framerate: 25.00 Nom. bitrate: 1130800 Bit/Sec VBV buffer size: 20 Constrained param. flag: Yes Chroma format: 4:2:0 DCT precision: 8 Pic. structure: FRAME DCT type: Frame Quantscale: Linear Scan type: ZigZag Frame type: Progressive

Appreciated for any help...

Greetings from Lithuania!

-- Remi (, January 08, 2002


What you have downloaded is definitely a PAL VCD. Thank you for including the output of the bitrate viewer, this is helpful. The VCD itself seems to be within the correct specifications for VCD. It could be that the person who made the VCD made it incorrectly. I have often seen downloadable video that would not work because the person who made it did not know what he was doing. You might try this - extract the MPEG-1 video stream from the VCD using VCDgear. Open the video file using TMPGenc and see if you can watch it. If TMPGenc will not play it correctly, there is an excellent chance that the video you downloaded is corrupted. The person who made it may not have made it correctly. If TMPGenc plays it correctly, maybe the problem is with your burning software. You can get a free demo copy of Nero at that you can use for 30 days. Try to burn the VCD with Nero and see if you have better results.

-- Jason (, January 08, 2002.

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