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I convert my Divx/avi movie to VCD with TMPEGnc ,burn it with Nero every thing looks great sounds great,plays fine on my PC but when I play it on my standalone DVD player the movement gets stuck or it sticks and goes. Any one know why? Thanks

-- Steve Jones (, January 08, 2002


Maybe your MPEG-1 files are not so standard for Video-CDs. Do you remember that after you drag *.mpg files to Nero, the duration time appears or not. If not, the *.mpg files are not standard even they can also be played on your PC. Please try to use the latest ver., 5.5 of Nero to convert files if they're not standard, or re-compress your source files by other s/w, for instance, Panasonic MPEG-1 encoder, etc.

-- Frederic (, February 25, 2002.

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