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I find this book exciting: Against the background of so many modern *philosophical* theories of knowledge, this is a *theological* theory of knowledge. It seems able to integrate much of the ancient and medieval views that were so heavily criticised in the modern (post Descartes) era. Many themes, that seemed forever banished from the deeper reflections on our knowing, get reintroduced into an aware and modern vision. I like this.

-- Anonymous, January 08, 2002


Actually, I thought that what we are reading about the images, essence and being was philosophy; as I have never felt any interest in philosophy before, I thought I had a conversion; now you tell me it is theological after all.; Or maby we have reached a point where philosophy and theology meet.It's as though I sense something like that, though I am very ignorant ,knowledge wise.

I feel very inadequate about this , but would love to know more; Rita.

-- Anonymous, January 21, 2002

Rita, You are right: A lot of what we are reading *is* philosophical. And--as you also suggest--we are, with von Balthasar, at a point where philosophy and theology meet. Von Balthasar's vision of truth is (as he himself describes it) 'symphonic', that is: he gets all of the instruments of the orchestra playing together to make wonderful music--the different instruments of the orchestra in this case being the inputs from philosophy, theology, literature.... If you like this mix, then you definitely have an interest in some areas of philosophy! At times the writing is complex and daunting and presupposes some familiarity with a wide range of different thinkers, but the final vision that is guiding all this investigation is that truth is an aspect of the divine, Trinitarian life: it has to do, then, with intimate, loving communication, with the revelation of all that another is in their infinite freedom, with surprise, with mystery. And von Balthasar sees the traces of this at all levels of knowing: even in the most obvious sense knowledge, we are involved in great mysteries and in great revelations of the wonder surrounding every little thing.

-- Anonymous, January 22, 2002

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