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I live in Hollamd and have a dream. I would love nothing more than to prticipate as soon as i can. I would like to have some general information like how to get there, what to bring and how much it costs. I would also like very much to come into contact with other peolpe from europe who would also like to go, or already went and would like to share their experiences with me or could provide me with some advice. Love to hear from you, thanx, Sunny-J.

-- Sandra Jessamin van Hpoften (, January 08, 2002


Your best source for info is . Your best source for regional contacts is , particularly^1@.eedd2aa .

Good luck, and see you on the playa!

-- Sebbo (, February 27, 2002.

its not that tricky, but you need money. lots of fore thought...hire a vehicle etc.. there are also bus trip type deals from san francisco. we came from uk.

-- luke egan (, February 08, 2002.

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