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I had a discussion recently with someone in my Legion of Mary group, who wanted to have some small plastic Nativity scenes blessed by a priest that were to be given away to some people.

Since a priest is not always easy to get a hold of, I suggested putting some Holy Water on it, as I did hear once that Scapulars, and Medals can be blessed by dousing in Holy Water.

The counter argument was that the object would only be blessed as long as it remained wet with the Holy Water, but for some reason that does not sound right to me.

I know priests themselves use Holy Water to bless objects, or are they also adding a verbal blessing while doing that? Would that not be a double blessing then?

-- G Vink (, January 08, 2002


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-- - (-@-.-), January 08, 2002.


Hi, Gordon.
There is an official Book of Blessings issued by the Vatican, mainly to be used by the ordained (bishops, priests, deacons).
In the book, there are indeed special prayers that can be recited during the blessing (with or without holy water) of religious objects. I know that there is a specific one for rosaries, apart from other items. (I've heard both used in my parish church.) The prayers are very brief -- not difficult for a clergyman to memorize.
A blessing is a sort of "dedication" of the person or object to God and His will. Holy water, reminiscent of our Baptism, is a "sacramental" used to invoke God's blessing on the person or object sprinkled.

A spoken blessing and holy water can be used alone or together. Many people pray the words of the Sign of the Cross while signing themselves with holy water -- similar to a priest blessing objects with holy water while reciting a prayer.

God bless you.

-- (, January 08, 2002.


I wanted to say, that if you are wearing a brown scapular, and you want to be enrolled, that it has to be a Catholic priest to bless the scapular ( your first one ).

God Bless You Gordon,

-- David S (, January 08, 2002.

Thanks for the answers.


-- G Vink (, January 09, 2002.

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