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I have a marantz 930 dvd player that say's it can play VCD's. Is that that same as a CR-R? Also I have pinnacle studio software 7 that will create a VCD mpeg2 file from my Dv camera. I have a HP 7200 cd-rw, do I simply put the file on the cdr? I tryed it and it does not work in my player? thanks in anvance


-- bill (, January 07, 2002


VCD is a video format. It is possible to burn it to CD-R with the right tools. VCDs are also commercially made in Southeast Asia in places like Malaysia and these are pressed on commercial silver blanks like commercial audio CDs. Now the real question is not does your DVD player play VCDs, but does it support CD-R media. You might want to go to and look at the DVD player compatibility list. If the site is down, do a web search on the compatibility list and see if you can find it elsewhere. Many DVD players do not support CD-R media at all. To do so requires the player to have a second laser beam dedicated to playing CD-R or CD-RW discs and many manufacturers are too cheap to provide one in their DVD players.

-- Jason (, January 08, 2002.

You can't simply put the file directly on the CD-R. The VCD must have some standard directories and files in order for your DVD player to read it correctly. I recommend that you aquire a cd burning program that has vcd burning features. Nero ver5.0 and later is a good choice. With Nero you just press make vcd, and then drag and drop files on the cd, and voila! it works in DVD players (mine anyway).

If you dont want to spend money on Nero, you kan find it using Kazaa or Morpheus peer to peer software.

Good Luck


-- Martin (, January 13, 2002.

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