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know i am completely confused????????? Ive just burned some of my Mpeg movies using Nero and using the cd data option and not Video CD it burned ok and i can paly them on my PC fine direct from the CD player on my PC. Whats more is they play from the CDR as well as the DVD player so my question is why do you have to burn using the video CD option what is the point of this can anyone explain HELP PLEASE. I want to know if im burning a VCD as it only plays on my PC and not my DVD connected to the TV how can i tell and whats the difference


-- Pete Davis (, January 07, 2002


Video CD is also a CD-ROM but the way data is recorded is different from a conventional CD-ROM. A conventional CD-ROM finalized and recorded in one go has only one track. A Video CD will always have a minimum of two tracks: the play dat and SEGMENT items in one track, and a White Book-compliant track, like most movie VCDs. So, for example, a karaoke VCD with 10 selections in it will have eleven tracks. There is a Video CD selection in Nero and that is meant for u to choose should you intend to create a VCD. It wasn't placed there for nothing. A properly created VCD will play on a PC and on a DVD player that recognizes CD-R. Wade through the thousands of entries in this forum, like playing VCDs and the fog might clear up, ie, you'll be shocked into realizing your DVD player hates anything on CD-R/RW, whether it be Video CD or otherwise.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, January 08, 2002.

My dvd player plays cd-r's and rw's! Now what!

-- Josh (, April 18, 2003.

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