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Multi Response Anne Marie Lee 7/1/0.

Rita, in reading the last paragraph of My Theology which you wrote on 11th Dec, you lead me to reflect on the demands I make on Institutional Church for me. "I begin to realise that all that we have is gift, so we cannot make demands, or insist we be treated this way or that; when everything becomes a privilege nothing is insignificant." I realise how incredibly blessed I have been on my journey so far despite the issues and incidences that marginalise, oppress and anger me.

Tom, you said in your response to my, Taking My Place at the Table, "...the journey for me developed from the darkness of depression, with it's inevitable insecurities and negativities. I have become increasingly conscious that such is my "road map". I used to be angry that such was my lot but that is the root that led me to the place where I now find myself - a place of increasing spiritual awareness, and a yearning to understand myself and others." Dec 10th

You are both helping me to know more fully that God's plan for my life will be far more fruitful than my own plan. All the suffering and anxt I have experienced has enriched me humanly and spiritually. It has led me to this group, this time and place of exploration and discovery. It has also led me to be far more assertive than I might otherwise have been and to engage more fully in the spiritual dimension of life.

Philip, thank you for your response of 7/1/02 I wasn't thinking of the Post Resurrection Jesus in those opening lines. Your comments on the invisibility of God fits in with what I am thinking in the last few days about how alone we are as human beings. We can reach out to each other in intimacy but there is always a hidden element which is beyond the reach of any but God. No matter how close two people become over the years they can never read one anothers hearts and minds fully. There is a certain degree to which we are unknown even to ourselves, so we go to our psychotherapist to work at acquiring a greater knowledge of who we are and why. Has the invisibility of God anything to do with our own invisibility (lack of self knowledge)? If I look within to find God and I do not know myself, how can I find Him?

The only total intimacy there is, is God's intimacy and knowledge of us, of me, of you. That is why, Philip, your image of God coming down through the middle of your head, down through your body, down, down, right down, is such a powerful image.

Thank you all for being just who you are and I thank God for the gift of this group to me. Blessings. Anne Marie

-- Anonymous, January 07, 2002

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