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I have a Toshiba SD110E multi-region DVD player which gets used mainly for playing audio CDs. I recently bought an audio CD that was labelled as having a video clip (MPEG1 I assume). I expected this to play on my DVD player...but alas no. The audio is fine, but the video won't play. The video clip is playable on my PC using windows media player.

Is this as expected, or is there something I need to enable on my DVD player to allow video playback from this disk. Normal DVDs and VCDs play fine.

Thanks SS

-- ss (, January 07, 2002


I'm sorry, but your assumption was probably not correct. Every audio CD I've seen has used QuickTime to encode videos, which won't play on any standalone DVD player. In the unlikely event that the video clip actually is MPEG-1, it won't play because the disc is not in VCD format. You'd have to extract the clip and burn it to a new CD-R in VCD format to play it.

-- Jason (, January 07, 2002.

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