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Sorry for the miscategory, i had zero response in the film category.

Recently I purchased an old vibrating style negative retouching machine. So far i am not impressed. What i have always done in the past was to use a dry spotting pallet, tapeing the neg to a light box, looking through a large magnifier, then painfully going to work. The retouching machine seems to work on the same principle. To my suprise, I get worse results using the retouching machine! Does anyone know of "the masters" techniques, or any special tools/solutions to use? I am mostly retouching people (skin), although fixing mishandled negs might come in handy one day. Any advise on retouching, or sources of advise, would be much appreciated. Thanks, George

-- George (, January 07, 2002


I used to do ALOT of this. First of all you need to use a negative with alot of tooth on the emulsion side or put some on with retouching fluid. After this dries you need to work with a very soft lead pencil made for retouching and work a little at a time putting on several layers as you need. Let the machine do the work for you and have patience.

-- Scott Walton (, January 07, 2002.

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