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Well Its been snowing all day here in North Central Ohio. Not a real heavy snow, but overall about 5 inches today. Was only suppose to get 2". There was suppose to be more in the S, E and SE ohio. Melissa and Anne how is the snow down your way.

-- Gary (, January 06, 2002


Hey! you got our snow! We were supposed to get 3-6 inches here in south central Kentucky but ended up with a measly dusting-or I should say slushing.

-- Kelly (, January 06, 2002.

Many snowmen later I can say the kids are in heaven. Still waiting to hear if there will be school in the morning. No church today (!) I think more is coming soon!

-- Ann Markson (, January 06, 2002.

Wow, and ours just finished melting off here in Central OK yesterday! It was up to nearly 50 degrees here today!

-- Christine in OK (, January 06, 2002.

We got just what Kelly in Kentucky got: a slushy dusting. On the plus side, it stayed around 34 degrees all night/morning, so no icy streets here in suburbia.

-- Rick (, January 07, 2002.

Good morning, it is still snowing here Monday morning, about 7 inches and counting!

-- Melissa (, January 07, 2002.


-- Micheale from SE Kansas (, January 07, 2002.

We got about 8 inches now, getting windy here on the ridge top, our dirt road hasn't been plowed yet, no school, no plowing!!!

Looks very pretty though, I came home from visiting Mom Sunday afternoon, 70 was fine, just wet, but 77 south of New Philly was horrble, no plows, single lane traffic traveling at 45 miles an hour clear to 70 split off, treacherous conditions till our road which stays passable ( with four wheel drive) since they don't salt it, just put small gravels down when they do plow it.

-- Annie Miller in SE OH (, January 07, 2002.

We are located just east of Buffalo NY and we receive lake effect snows. The winds pick up moisture from Lake Erie and dump it on us and they pass through. I've been in 4WD since Christmas day. We received a few more inches overnight last night, but Wednesday's high is supposed to be 40F. We'll see. Being a weather man is the only job where you can be wrong half the time and still keep your job.

-- Charleen in WNY (, January 07, 2002.

I am sure enjoying reading about your snow! I'm in the desert, it's about 50 degrees out now, sunny. A little snow would be a pretty sight. But, it did snow here a couple years ago, about 3 inches and we all ran around taking pictures so we could prove it wasn't a dream!

-- Katie (, January 09, 2002.

Katie: Tell us about your desert. I have never been to that part of the country and cannot imagine it. What are the seasons like? What can you grow? How do people have animals there (water??)Are you under water restrictions? When is rainy season?

-- Ann Markson (, January 09, 2002.

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