What size vacuum pump for 20x24 vacuum easel?

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I am looking at buying a 20x24 Besler vacuum easel that does not have a vacuum pump. I would like to buy a regular industrial vacuum pump so that I can locate it outside of the darkroom and get away from the noise and vibration. I would rather not use a regular home vacuum cleaner because of those reasons. Can someone give me some idea of the specifications on a vacuum pump that should work easily? Sincerely, Jerry

-- Jerry K. Cunningham (jkc@digisys.net), January 06, 2002


Most industral vacuum pumps that I am know about are disigned to produce high levels of vacuum which are necessary, for example, to boil water in a closed system. The small ones (like are used by air conditioning service men) are quiet but won't have near enough air flow (volume) to work your vacuum easel. The large ones which would have enough volume will not be as quiet as a vacuum cleaner.

I would suggest a trip to the Good Will to get an Electrolux type vacuum cleaner and then to the Home Depot to get some cheap 2" flex duct. I have a vacuum easel and the pump that came with it seems to be just like a vacuum cleaner and makes about the same amount of noise.

If you want to try a small vacuum pump, you can use the compressor out of a junk window AC unit, this will produce about the same level of vacuum as a serviceman's vacuum pump.


-- Neal Shields (shields@ftw.com), January 06, 2002.


Don't use a normal vacuum cleaner. It will most likely overheat, because there is not much air flowing through the holes. I've got a Linhof vacuum easel (prox. the same size) and the pump has the following specs: 2 m/s, vac 90%. Hope that helps.

BTW: you may want to control the vacuum "pressure" with a valve and a meter, if your easel does not already have those features.


-- Thilo Schmid (tschmid@2pix.de), January 07, 2002.


I'm sorry, the specs should be 2 m/h, of course. 2 m/s would evacuate your darkroom :-)


-- (tschmid@2pix.de), January 07, 2002.

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