Hwo can find americandoulanetwork.com?

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Hi, my name is Anat, I have been working as a Doula for 4 years in Israel in the first natural birth center and as a privet Doula as well. I live at N.Y.C at the moment and i would like start working again , i have been trying to in contact with americandoulanetwork throuth the net but in looks like they changed there address? Is there a nother way to get the certification or a phone number i can contact them? thank you for your help, Anat Ben-Ari.

-- Anat Ben-Ari (anattz@yahoo.com), January 06, 2002


Hi Anat! You're right, the American Doula Network links seem to have disappeared. Have you tried CAPPA or DONA to get started again? As far as I know, these are the two organizations here in the states that certify doulas.

Good luck! Therese

-- Therese Schafer (doulamom@mac.com), January 12, 2002.

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