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Filled some more space in the wall locker.....five more sound blasters and speaker sets, one outdoor set, all selectable. Glad I'm outside the city limits. Took an hour to rough run the lines and amps but I got CCR at 1500 watts plus line boost. Next thing to do is move the chickens (hope they keep laying. I thought everyone liked "Commotion" :>) and maybe feed my keyboard into the system through the midi. Next door neighbor came by when I was max testing the layout and said if I keep that level up, he would hook me up to his fat, ugly, bible and stick totin' cousin to keep me in line and shut down the "Stumble Inn Roadhouse". At least he was smiling and snagged a beer ( On Sundays we call it "having communion" :>) It is so nice having a shack without a resident migrane headache again.

-- Anonymous, January 06, 2002


Ahhhh! The joys of single life! It ain't all bad.

But Jay, you might wanna tape yer windows so they don't shatter when they're blown out! 1500watts???!!! Holy moley!

-- Anonymous, January 06, 2002

I just wish we had this technology when I was winding up scarfed up 8- tracks by splicing and zip spinning to get it back in the case. Wern't cassettes a godsend then ?

-- Anonymous, January 06, 2002

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