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Can you please send me some of Poe's contributions to poetry. Thank you for any help that you can provide. This is kind of urgent so please hurry with a response. Thanks again. -Patrick

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2002


Let's start with his theoretical essays and critiquesof American poetry. see his essays at www.eapoe.org. A good attempt to get to a rationale and structure of poetry championing the effect and beauty of short(not less than a sonnet though) over epic poetry. Against the didactic fashion that the poem must instruct(prose can do that well enough after all). The beginnings of symbolism, the power of sound and images supporting a unified effect as opposed to mere allegory or representational verse. Experimental, not tied to conventional forms. felt the sonnet was too constrictive and unnecessary at times(though he wrote a few). Painting moods with sound(The Bells, Annabel Lee, The Raven). Poetry unique to the heart of his self and feelings. His poem The Raven was the first big American hit and still a favorite. Use of obscure allusions which might be helpful if understood but not always necessary to the poem since meaning was secondary to the effect.(Yeats was polite enough to explain his obscurities. Sometimes, we suspect, Poe fabricated his allusions and explanations.

Contribution to a truly American poetry and a new passionate intuitive style that inspired many writers(enraged others). Ruffled feathers of accepted poets of his day and launched real criticism instead of the customary puff pieces that still plague pour print publications and TV today.(see his literary criticism).

-- Anonymous, January 07, 2002

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