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In the mission statement of our denomination it says to address "the physical needs of people" (I am paraphrasing). Our church will be presenting some workshops on health, nutrition etc. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for a health fair? Has your church participated in a health fair? Thanks for your input.

-- Anonymous, January 05, 2002


Yes, our church had a community healthfair. We had health screenings of all kinds (blood pressure, glucose, etc.), music, games for the children, but we also had a keynote speaker. The emphasis of our healthfair was addressing the impact of HIV/AIDS in the community. In connection with that theme, we flew in Sis. Rae Lewis - Thornton, a nationally-known HIV/AIDS activist and motivational speaker, who encouraged young and old alike to get tested for this devasting virus. What is most interesting about Sis. Lewis - Thornton is that she is personally battling HIV/AIDS in her own Christian walk, and she is doing it with grace and dignity. The healthfair was an absolute success! For more information on Rae Lewis - Thornton, here is her biography.

-- Anonymous, January 06, 2002

Another excellent question, Rev Denise The men of our church have just returned from a retreat with our Pastor. One of issues discussed was Prostate Cancer in Black Males. There were several Brothers who are survivors and they gave testimony on the choices open to their cases. The importance of early detection was mentioned over and over again. The outcome is that we are planning a Prostate Screening Health Fair. Our Womens Missionary Society, St. Luke Medical Circle has an annual Health Fair and we will be cordinating with them. We usually have a Men's Breakfast on 5th Saturday mornings and the preliminary thought is to have the screening then. The St Luke Circle also holds an Annual Blood Donation program. God Bless, Bob McCain

-- Anonymous, January 07, 2002

PART TWO I forgot to mention a new Missionary Circle, focusing on Organ Donation. A member of our church was called home to Glory last Summer. She was a Heart Transplant survivor. God allowed her almost 6 years when Medical world said she would have maybe two or so. In the time she had she travelled all over the country advocating the importance of Organ Donation, especially in communities of Color. An awareness of issues like this would benefit all our communities. It could be included in a Health program or could be done separately. The Brenda Hamlett-Butler Circle is in the process of being organized now. God Bless, Bob McCain

-- Anonymous, January 07, 2002

Thank you everyone for responding, it is great to know our denomination is doing such great things regarding health. Our women's missionary society will be meeting next week and I will share this info with them. I am so happy I am A.M.E!

-- Anonymous, January 07, 2002

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