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I made my first VCD last night from an MPEG that I recorded on a camera. I burned it with Nero 5.5 and then played it on the DVD-ROM of my computer and it played fine. I then put it in my Sony DVP S300 DVD Player and it said NO DISC. The DVD player is supposed to play VCD's. It has a DVD, VCD and CD light that lights up when you play the specific type. I have never played a bought VCD in it before or any VCD for that matter, but I am trying to see if there is possibly something else I did wrong. Oh yeah, I burned the VCD on a black bottomed disc, that shouldn't matter I know, but I didn't know if it affected normal DVD players.

Thanks Wes

-- Wes Neal (, January 04, 2002


I just burned VCD today with help from site for my Sony DVP S300 DVD & it played once but again its saying "No disc" ( wait for 10 sec before hit play button ) I'm gonna burn VCD again with some changes.

Keep in mind that this dvd player does not support CD R but I learned from that CD R/W should work fine & its true I can play music cd written on "GQ CD RW".

This is my first time for burning VCD using

Goodluck .

-- (, January 04, 2002.

Try using CD-RW media. Many DVD player can't read CD-R media, but ok with CD-RW media.

-- Rusman E. Priyana (, January 05, 2002.

Try using Memorex CD-R 24x multi-speed blank disks. These have a silver-looking surface rather than the green-looking surface on the blank CD-Rs that are rated for 16x or less.

I have a Sony DVP-S560D which is not supposed to play CD-R or CD-RWs. And indeed it did not recognize any of the green-backed CD-Rs or any of the CD-RWs disks I tried, but......

I recently purchased a Yamaha CRW3200E burner which has an advertized burn rate of 24x and got some 24x blank CD-Rs to try with it. To my surprize both the Audio CDs and VCDs that I burned on this media could be played on the Sony DVD player. I don't know for sure that the 24x blank CD-Rs can be burned in older CD burner but I would think that they should work.

For the record here is what I did:

1. Captured MPEG-1 video using Dazzle Video Creator I 2. Edited the video using ULEAD VideoMaker 5.0 3. Burned the VCD using Nero (it was bundled with the CD burner). 4. Used the Yamaha CRW32000E to burn the CD. 5. Blank Media: Memorex 700MB/80 Minute/24x blank media 6. DVD player is Sony DVP-S560D (US version NTSC).

I also made an SVCD using Nero's MPEG-2 plug-in to create the MPEG-2 files. This worked in the Sony player.

VCD slide show worked as well, I got about 220 pictures on, could probably fit even more.

-- Ken Mawhinney (, January 06, 2002.

Guys, it's nice of you to try to help, but you're not really helping. I have a lot of experience dealing with Sony DVD players. The ones sold in the US seem to fall into 2 categories: 1) They play VCD and SVCD, but don't officially support CD-R or CD-RW at all. 2) They support CD-R fine, but won't play SVCD at all. Wes no doubt has a player in category one. Lucky for him, there is a solution. Category one Sony DVD players do play CD-RW discs very well and they will work with Prime Peripherals brand CD-Rs. You can buy these at Office Max. A set of 50 Prime Peripherals brand 80 min. CD-Rs is currently selling for about $14. I always keep a set on hand so if I make a SVCD for my brother (he has a category one player), I just burn it to these discs and it plays fine. Prime Peripherals brand CD-Rs are the only brand known to work on these Sony players. It's a long story, but basically to support CD-R/W, the player needs a second laser beam designed to read these discs. Sony only has one laser, but it has a wider range of tolerance than normal, so CD-RW and Prime Peripherals brand CD-R discs work in it.

-- Jason (, January 07, 2002.

I have to agree that the Prime Peripherals CD-R's are THE ones that work with my Sony DVP-s360. I can get audio and V-CD's to work if I burn them onto the Prime Peripherals CDs. I have heard of some quality control issues with these discs, but I personally haven't had any problems with the 200+ Cd's I've burned. There are some folks that swear by "Digital Media" discs from Circuit City, but I haven't had any success with those discs in my Sony DVD player.

-- Chuck Miller (, March 06, 2002.

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