Polaroid 55 p/n post-exp field storage

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I am about to start using type 55 p/n again. I have heard reference to a special Calumet tank or box for holding the sulfite solution and exposed and processed negs. I could not find that, but will eventually go to the store. If that is not an option, what do other people use to hold the solution?

Also, since the print needs to be coated, how do people store that in the field to help avoid dust, etc.?

Thanks for any help.

-- Michael Waldron (michael@cadogan.net), January 04, 2002


Michael, I bought my Polaroid tank from Robert White. But I find it's a bit cumbersome to use in the field. I feel more like a fisherman whith his bait box then a photographer. I process all my 55P/N at home now. Also coating and storing the prints was a real pain, almost impossible to keep dust etc off of them.

I know the beauty of Polaroid is its immediate effect but for me it became such a problem to undertake in the field.


-- Trevor Crone (tcrone@gm.dreamcast.com), January 04, 2002.

Last time I used type 55 I just got a rubbermaid sandwitch box from the grocery store. I just left the negatives in the sulfite. Next time I will take two and fill one with water to store them in till I get home. You probably know this but I had forgot. The negative has a different asa and more zones than the print.


-- Neal Shields (Shields@ftw.com), January 04, 2002.

I have the speacial clearing tank, but I don't use it in the field. Unless I need to see results right away, I wait until I'm back home to process type 55 (polaroid film travels quite well in a tupperware type container).

The container made by Polaroid is probably the best solution for clearing negs in the field. For clearing at home, anything that works for processing normal 4x5 film should work as a clearing tank.

-- Dave Brown (wolfgang@peakpeak.com), January 04, 2002.

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