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A friend of mine is selling a Linhof Tech V, and asked me what would be the price of it. I jusīt cant get any reference on aither Ebay or Keh...

Does any one have any idea on how much are this worth?.


-- Enrique Vila (, January 04, 2002


All depends on how used and worn it is, if the bellows are good ore need replacement and so on... I would say one in an excellent condition can sell for $2200. But a good price would be around $1500 for one in great condition.

-- Paul Schilliger (, January 04, 2002.

They're all over Ebay. Use the advanced search feature and check "completed items". Note you have to click on the item if the price seems low because the list will not tell you that it didn't meet the reserve price. There was one the other day that went quite low but it looked "rode hard and put up wet".


-- Neal Shields (, January 04, 2002.

I just sold one in excellent condition for $1600.00 which is rather inexpensive given it probably could have sold for $1800.00 to $2000.00 without too much trouble. Hope this helps.

-- Jeffrey Scott (, January 04, 2002.

I bought one on EBay for $1200 that turned out to have a busted front rise which I am still trying to get fixed. (I did not take it up with the seller since I thought it was my fault or was not obvious, but have since figured out that the camera took a knock.) 8 condition, plus maybe $400 for repairs, so $1600 is about right. P.S. you could die before Marflex/Linhof came up with parts, so shop carefully.

I am currently taking pictures with a Master Technika kit I bought from a dealer which seems to work fine. So my Tech V is for sale,(it should be fixed soon) let's talk!

-- (, April 18, 2002.

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