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This gets at least a 9.5 on the drool-and-envy meter. Where do you get film?

All the usual disclaimers apply; I am not an agent of the seller and have nothing to gain by bringing this auction to your attention.

-- Kevin Bourque (, January 04, 2002


Drool and Envy? It's the biggest waste-of-space (and film) that I've seen for some time. The enlarger HAS been invented, you know.

-- Pete Andrews (, January 04, 2002.

It comes in at 11 pounds lighter than Wisner's:

-- David Goldfarb (, January 04, 2002.

ITS A BEAST!! IMHO, you would be hard pushed to carry/set-up/operate this by yourself! Nice, but a tad too big??

-- paul owen (, January 04, 2002.

Pete, I suppose then that those of us that enjoy the process and results of contact printing large negatives are all just wasting our time? Admittedly not for everyone, but frankly your comment seems a bit strange. Isn't this the "large format" section?

-- Linas Kudzma (, January 04, 2002.

Since it is a real lightweight, I guess it would be viable for use by backpackers. What do you think?

-- Ken Burns (, January 04, 2002.

HI All,

Tp add to the remarks here, We make film for that camera, We call it Mega format, Instant iso 80 print film develops in 60 sec. same as T-59. Hmmmmm, now i'm thinking !!


-- Bill Jefferson (, January 04, 2002.

Is breakfast included in the price?

-- Paul Schilliger (, January 04, 2002.


I was interested in your comments about film availability from Polaroid. Is the 'mega' format film special order? Can mortals learn to use it successfully?

I know Ron Wisner has manufactured a camera and back that are intended for use with Polaroid (as well as traditional films), but I had not heard anyone at your company explain the process of buying and storing the film. Perhaps, you could enlighten me-I am fascinated by the prospects.



-- John Bailey (, January 04, 2002.

Hi John Yes is building 20x24 cameras and backs for the Polaroid Film. Your best bet will be to call 1-800-343-5000 ask for an application specialist in 20x24 format. These folks have all the specs.


-- Bill Jefferson (, January 04, 2002.

Try making a Platinum print with that enlarger, Pete! There IS something to be said for big negs besides "A waste of film!"


-- Nathan Congdon (, January 04, 2002.


As long as everybody is tyoing sitting fown why not tell the the price of the Polaroid 20x24 materials .

-- Ted Harris (, January 04, 2002.

funny how whenever I go to look at sites that show off peoples equipment, the images they take with said equipment is always severly lacking in quality, but hey, those polaroids sure are big! golly gee whiz!

I have no problem with people liking very large formats, but somehow anything above 8x10 seems a bit anti productive. whatever floats your boat I guess!

-- mark lindsey (, January 04, 2002.

Mark -

Where would Cadillac and Lincoln be with an attitude like that!??

-- Matt O. (, January 04, 2002.

My own problem is that I look at this, this . . . THING and on the one hand, I think 'who am I kidding? The film alone would break me!' On the other hand, I remember the 'oh wow!' factor when I first pulled some 4x5 negatives and transparencies out of the chemicals and how I got the same 'oh wow!' response to my first 8x10's. This would have to give the ultimate 'oh wow!'

Let's see - the camera seems to be going cheap. I've already got some developing trays in 20x24. Now I'd only need a new big tripod, probably another one or two filmholders, some film, a bigger darkroom . . .

Or maybe I'll just drool for a while and remind myself that I'm the one who's got to hump the entire thing around. The 8x10 is LOTS lighter . . .

-- Anthony J. Kohler (, January 04, 2002.

hee hee, you know somethings wrong when your statement ends with

"The 8x10 is LOTS lighter . . ."

-- mark lindsey (, January 05, 2002.

Hi Ted,

Sorry for the delay, I work at the mfg. site in Waltham, mass. The Customer Care Center, has all that info, 1-800-343-5000.


-- Bill Jefferson (, January 05, 2002.

Hi All,

there is one camera thats bigger than the 20x24's on the market. Dr. Land had a 38"x48" camera he used, with a lens from a u-2 spy plane. The camera is currently in N.Y. the film is the same type as the 809 color film. I've seen a print from this, its truly magnificent. Bill

-- Bill Jefferson (, January 05, 2002.

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