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Hello, users of the Nikkor 150SW f8:

The question of which screw-in filter (if any at all) can be safely used on this lens without vignetting has come up before, but without conclusive result or consideration of all the available options. The Nikkor LF lenses booklet itself urges owner to "be careful that the filter does not come into contact with the lens surface, because this could scratch it; be esp. careful with the SW65mmF4, SW75mmF4.5, SW120mmF8, sW150mmF8, and W210mmF5.6." Earlier posters have expressed concern about sufficient clearance between inner surface of filter glass and lens front element.

If I were to acquire this lens, I would want to be able to screw in a UV filter all the way and essentially forget about it. Both haze reduction and protection are at issue. Maybe a medium yellow from time to time for b&w landscape, etc. No center filter is contemplated. The Lee system would not fit my needs. As I see it, there are four options. Any replies from users of the lens or others with comparable experience (e.g. with other Nikkor SW lenses) will be appreciated.

(1) regular Nikon 95mm UV L37c filter. Recommended by a Nikon tech, but I'm not convinced since this filter might have been manufactured for some other lens with 95mm filter size. Nikon does not make filters for their 450mmMf9 (67mm), for example.

(2) B+W 95mm slim filter.

(3) B+W 95mm extra wide filter

(4) 95mm to 105mm step up ring with 105mm filter of some description. Vignetting here?

-- Nick Jones (, January 04, 2002


Hi, I have a 150mm f/8 SW and use a standard 95mm UV filter on it - I tested it first with a folded piece of lens-tissue between the lens and the filter - tightly screwed on, the tissue was not compressed, so it doesn't tough. For all other filters, I am using a Cokin X-Pro system - 122mm x 140mm filters. Not pleased with their selection of B+W filters (just a yellow, orange and red), but it is cheaper (by far) then buying glass filters, and much cheaper then buying a compendium filter holder.

-- fishfish (, January 04, 2002.

opps...should be "didn't touch" not "didn't tough" - sorry!

-- Eric Boutilier-Brown (, January 04, 2002.

I have the Nikon 150SW that I use for 8x10 and the Nikon 120 SW that I use for 5x7 and with filters, I decided to keep it simple and went with B+W regular 95mm B&W offerings. I do not keep a UV on the lens for transport. When I do put a filter on I make sure that I do not take the threads all of the way in to prevent contact of the glass surfaces. Usually a full turn or less is plenty to insure positive engagement. I checked it once with two filters on and found that my corners were being affected. Great lenses with ample coverage.

-- Michael Kadillak (, January 04, 2002.

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