"clack-a-clack" noise?

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I have a '72 350F with abt. 24000 miles. I just replaced the clutch as the original disks were slipping badly. Now, and, I believe, somewhat before the clutch change, at idle there is a rather wooden intermittant and irregular "clack-a-clack" sort of noise most clearly heard from the clutch cover area. It isn't there when running at any speed in any gear, but at idle...clutch in or out, it may be silent for a moment when I first stop, but after a moment the noise begins in earnest again only to disappear when I move off again. Just from a suspicion, could the cam chain tensioner be at fault? I never tried the trick of poking down on the tensioner rod with something, just always trusted the spring. The cam chain has always jingled fairly enthusiastically. If anyone knows anything about this phenomenon, let me know! Thanks!

-- Robert Rensch (rrensch1@woh.rr.com), January 03, 2002

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