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Ok here's the thing...i have a VCD..and im trying to do a direct cd copy. First of all i keep getting an error message at the end. I think this is because there's a tiny scratch in the vcd. But it still plays fine. So then i tried to drag all the files to my desktop, but now when i burn it....its saying its over 700MB and it wont fit on the cd....can someone please help me? please take the time to email me at: Greatly Appreciated, Steve

-- Steve Marques (, January 03, 2002


1. use VCDgear2.x at

2. extract the *.dat from the mpegAV folder to HD.

3. use a burning software that has a "VCD MODULE" to burn the *.mpg. This module is a special module for burning VCD just like you would for a MUSIC CD. Nero is the easiest to use for this.

4. To burn data, a 74min CDR can only hold about 650Mb, while the 80min CDR can hold up to 700Mb.

5. To burn AV using the "SPECIAL" AV module, 10Mb of AV = 1 minute; Hence you can fit up to 745Mb of AV into a 650Mb/74min CDR. 74minx10Mb/min=740Mb.

-- (, January 03, 2002.

I just want to add something to wingstarzz's post. VCD/SVCD use a hybrid disc format when burned to CD-R. The capacities listed for 74 and 80 minute CD-Rs are based on CD-ROM or CD audio data. Both of these formats use parts of the CD-R for redundancy and error correction and you can not write to these areas. VCD/SVCD use a hybrid disc format that does not use this error checking, hence these areas are available to store data. This is why 700 MB video files can be burned to 650 MB CD-Rs.

-- Jason (, January 04, 2002.

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