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I have bought the dazzle dvc2 and can capture vcd and svcd great.So long as the captured video is not edited in movie star the mpeg can be used to create a (s)vcd.But like most, the video needs to be edited to make it presentable.The movie star software does not make new mpeg clips it uses xml to point to start / end points while playing movies.these can not be used as edited mpeg ( they are not actual mpeg files).Help , what I am after is some reliable software that lets you keep quality / cut and join mpeg files to make a vcd.My burning software is nero and / or roxio.I'm no wiz' so any thing that talks bitrate e.t.c.is over my head.It needs to be simple to use.

-- Cyril Smith (cyrilsmith@lineone.net), January 03, 2002


I am a total rookie at burning VCD's, but maybe I can help. I have Dazzle Moviestar 4.22 and Nero 5.5 burning software. I noticed that, when burning the VCD, if I drag an edited "movie" clip into the Nero track window it prompts me with the message that the file is not the right MPEG format (as you noted). However one of the buttons on the prompt message is an option to reformat the clip so that it is the compatible MPEG format for the Nero burn software. I have used this and it actually worked for me! I have at this point divulged just about everything I know about this stuff. Good luck.

-- Tom Kirby (tkirby2@email.msn.com), January 04, 2002.

Nero gives me the same message but I dont have the expensive plug in that re-encodes the mpeg.Especially after forking out for dvc11 (should of waited for the sales).The error message with roxio is the clock speed.Movie star lets you choose the same bitrates and settings that are used to record with before producing the movie but something must happen to the clock speed as this is highlighted as the reason a standard vcd will not work.I am having to use another editing package that works fine after recording with dvc11 and produces standard (S) VCD's on both nero and roxio with no problems.Its a pity movie star will not do the same because the editing is simple to use and produces some great movies so long as you don't want to watch them on a different set up.Jason thanks for the Spanish!

-- Cyril Smith (cyrilsmith@lineone.net), January 05, 2002.

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