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I have a Honeywell-Nikor safety trimmer that is wearing in the gear track. I know there is a company that makes replacement cutting wheels & gears, but can't find it on the internet searches. Anyone know who supplies replacement parts for it? I use it for paper, cutting film down to smaller sheets & trimming dry mount tissue.

-- Dan Smith (, January 03, 2002


Nikkor was sold to Honeywell who was then sold to Rollei who then declared Bankruptcy 20+ years ago.

The LPL and Nikkor lines were sold to Saunders who discontinued Nikkor many years ago.

Saunders has since been purchased by Tiffen.

Maybe it is time for a new trimmer. They probably aren't much more then the parts you need, which probably don't exist anymore.

-- Bob Salomon (, January 03, 2002.


-- Andre Noble (, January 03, 2002.

Dan, If you find the source let me know. Alternatively, whichever of us breaks down for the new Rotatrim first, please offer the other the Honeywell/Nikkor for parts?

-- Dave Schneider (, January 07, 2002.

I have one of these that either of you can have for parts. It was barely used. I was looking for a new blade and can't find it, so I'm giving up.


-- Beverly Jamerson (, April 07, 2002.

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