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Hello my Internet Church Family,

I would like to share with you this excerpt from IN TOUCH magazine(Jan. 2002) by Dr. Charles Stanley. I hope you will be inspired by it.

Gerry Sillcocks, a FDNY firefighter at Engine 80 and president of the New York City's Firefighters for Christ responded to the Sept. 11 tragedy. While digging through the debris at ground zero, he prayed for all of the FDNY Firefighters for Christ members. He later discovered that not one of the the Firefighters for Christ members died in the attacks. One member, Clark Rupert, was on duty near the towers when they collapsed. Suddenly, he glanced up at a window and saw the reflection of the building collapsing and people running.

Sillcocks says, that Clark started running, and he said a gust of wind just picked him and his company up and threw them into a bar area. A gate fell down behind them, and all the rubble was blocked by the gate. Rupert and all the men in his company escaped. Sillcocks declares, "I just believe that the power of prayer is incredible. Not that we're forcing God's hand, but He listens to our prayers."

Praise God for saving all the members of FDNY Firefighters for Christ members, the 9000 members of Merril Lynch, and all the other individuals that were saved at the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. Thank God for his mercy !!!


-- Anonymous, January 03, 2002


Let me also share with you that my first cousin (there are only 5 of us--two families--on my father's side). Our father's were both AME preachers and their father was a Presiding Elder.

One of my cousins worked on the 95 floor of the WTC, about the same position as one of the planes struck it. When she arrived at her office on September 11, she had a breakfast meeting on the 30th floor. As she got to the 33rd, the plane struck the building and she was able to walk down 33 flights of stairs out the building and to the Brooklyn Bridge. She then turned back to see the building she had just left fall to the ground. Thus, she was able to walk safely the remaining three miles to her home.

I shared this story at my church the following Sunday and a brother there said his brother worked at the WTC but decided not to go in on September 11. His mother also worked at the Pentagon but had a doctor's appointment on September 11.

At the school where I once taught, a teacher shared with me that her son worked in the WTC. He got his MBA and told her he would stay in NYC to celebrate. On September 11, she told her other son to call him exactly at 9:00 when he would be at work and tell him to come home to Atlanta and celebrate with his family.

When he got the call on his cell phone the reception was poor so he walked to the window for better reception. As he did so he saw a shadow, which was actually the plane, but he did not at the time know what it was.

Nevertheless, God said to him run. He did so and having had ROTC training he rolled down several flights of stairs and was able to clear the building and call his mother to say he was fine and coming home to Atlanta.

God is truly good and He knows our location, our plans, our e-mail addresses and our cell phone numbers.

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2002

Thank you Brother Matthews for this uplifting testimony. Many people have asked where was God on Sept 11, 2001 out of grief or frustration. However, these testimonies show that God was present at "ground zero". God knew about this event before the foundation of the earth was laid. I am so glad that nothing happens without God's permission or knowledge. I thank God for saving those members of your family also.


-- Anonymous, January 03, 2002

I, too, know that on 9/11, God was showing grace and mercy - my first cousin worked in the WTC 1 building - she was running late that morning the plane hit the tower. I thank God everyday for his lovingkindness towards us. There's only five of us, as well, she is the youngest. Thank you Father for your grace and mercy.

-- Anonymous, January 04, 2002

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