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I have owned a canon FTBn (late 70's) and a AV-1(now). When the mirror goes up/down, they both had a sound like thunk or clank. I always thought this was normal. I put some felt were the mirror hits, but that didn't quit it. If this isn't normal, any ideas how to fix it? If this is normal, when did Canon make a quiter model? The only time the noise is a pain, is when taking pictures of animals. Just wondering, thanks Jeff

-- jeff krueger (, January 02, 2002


You need a foam replacement kit. The mirror is supposed to hit foam, not felt. If the morror foam is gone, I'll bet the light seals need to be replaced too. You can get a kit on Ebay for about 13 bucks (that's what it was last time I bought one). It has enough foam to re do a dozen cameras and it comes with GREAT instructions.


-- Charlie Richards (, January 03, 2002.

Hi Charlie, I was thinking I might need a foam gasket, but I tried the felt just to see if it would quiet it down. The only place I can see a spot for the foam would be in front of the mirror. That might quiet it down when the mirror goes up, but when it goes down I can't tell if it is hitting on a metal post that is sticking out. I was just curious to see if the A-1, T90, F1n ect. were quieter. Thanks Jeff

-- Jeff Krueger (, January 04, 2002.


The replacement foam should go exactly where you described it - the part of the camera body that the front of the mirror hits when its going up . I'm not quite sure about the metal post you're talking about, but I do know that all Canon SLRS have a gear-type (I think) braking system built into the camera to slow down the mirror on its way back to the regular (viewing) position. You will see a significant difference in the sound level and (possibly) mirror shock after you replace the foam. Hope this helps.


-- James (, January 08, 2002.

Thanks James and Charlie, I appreciate all the good advise. I took a good look inside at mirror mount and this time decided to move the mirror manualy. I can see now that I need the foam at the top were the mirror hits and probably on the back of the camera to. Most of the noise (clank) though comes when the mirror drops back down. I do believe the mirror is hitting the post. I never new they had a brake system on there, but it does make sense. I'll have to check on finding a good repair shop, to see what they say. Thanks Again Jeff

-- Jeff Krueger (, January 08, 2002.

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