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I burned a VCD usuing Easy CD creator 5, and when I tried to play it on my ATI Video CD player, it told me the player won't suport VCD 2.0 What is the difference between type2 or type 1? What do I do?

-- Jason Loupe (, January 02, 2002


If I remember, I think type 2.0 supported playback control and had a few other nice features. VCD 1.0 was pretty bare bones. I don't think it supported entry points (these are like chapters on a DVD) for example. Most people have no trouble watching VCDs using Windows Media Player. You may have to manually load the video file from the MEPGAV subdirectory on the VCD (the *.dat file is what you want) to get it to play, but WMP should be a viable alternative. If you go to, I think it lists some VCD software players you can get for free if you want to try something else.

-- Jason (, January 03, 2002.

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