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Well, I've been out of it a few days here, Lance's maternal grandparents were in town from Arkansas this week, came in on Saturday and are leaving tomorrow. We spent Saturday (cold) and Sunday (snowing) at our house, and then Monday (still cold) and Tuesday (ditto) at his uncle's house on the other side of town with them. The actual exchange of Christmas presents was yesterday.

Grannie and I joked that we just traded groceries! We put together for them, in a bag made of some burlap, cracked pecans, a roast, bread and butter pickles, ten bean soup mix, pickled beets, and a jar of blackberry jam. In return, we received slab bacon, sausage, ham steak, biscuit mix, coffee and french vanilla flavored creamer, a couple of handmade potholders, and pear, peach, muscadine, and strawberry jams homemade by Grannie! She says we traded breakfast for supper!

Anyway, it's all over but the cleanup, and I am so looking forward to Lance going back to work tomorrow so I can get to this house! Hopefully by this weekend everything will be basically back to normal, and I will be "seeing" more of you all.

Hope your New Year has been good, and gets better. Blessings!

-- Christine in OK (, January 02, 2002


I want to eat at your house Christine! Hope you have a great New Year too!

-- Melissa (, January 03, 2002.

You are blessed with a great grannie and she is doubly blessed with a truly great grandaughter.

-- Ann Markson (, January 03, 2002.

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