Homemade wind generators

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Where I live, in MN, I've been told that using only solar panels would not provide enough energy to cover a families needs throughout the year, and have been looking into wind energy (which, because of air density, would be perfect). In my quest, I have discovered that wind energy is very costly to start, and the payoff doesn't show for many years. I also found a book that mentioned the possibility of building your own wind mill specifically for electricity purposes, but now I seem to have misplaced the information. Could any of you help? There was supposed to be a Danish company that would sell the plans to build one for almost nothing.

-- Dawn (olsoncln@ecenet.com), January 02, 2002


I helped my Dad build one when I was still living at home. Look under wind power in the archives and you will see my post about it. Maybe it will give you a starting point.

-- Melissa (me@home.net), January 02, 2002.

Dawn: Check out homepower.com Homepower is THE magazine for renewable energy, many of the articles reader written. Tends to be pretty technical. The entire archives are on line with a search engine. Try home brewed wind energy. There'll be several fairly in depth articles

-- john (natlivent@pcpros.net), January 04, 2002.

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