Mission statement of the A.M.E church a blueprint for evangelism

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I have shared before that I just love the mission statement of the a.m.e church. "The mission of the African Methodist Episcopal Church is to minister to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and envionmental needs of all people by spreading Christ's liberating gospel through word and deed. At every level of the connection and in every local church. From the spirit of the original Free African Society, out of which the A.M.E church evolved our mission statement was born; that is, to seek out and save the lost, and serve the needy through a continuing program of 1. preaching the gospel. 2) feeding the hungry, 3.) clothing the naked. 4.) housing the homeless, 5). cheering the fallen, 6.) providing jobs for the jobless, 7.) administering to the needs of those in prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, asylums and mental instituions, senior citizens home, caring for the sick, the shut-in, the mentally and socially disturbed and 8.) encuraging thrift and ecnmic advancement." As the new year begins what are some ways we can utilize our mission statement to glorify God?

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2002


Our mission statement captures the very foundation of Jesus' statement "I must be about my Father's business."

As we begin this new year, every pastor, other clergy, and lay persons should affirm and reaffirm Isaiah/61:1,2/Luke 4:18 and our mission statement by being doers of the Word/mission statement and not hearers only.

It is so important that our people (clergy and lay) be taught the basic foundations of our faith. Are the 25 articles of religion still being taught in your area? are we still teaching what we believe as AME's (Apostle's Creed)? Are our Bible study sessions set up to effectively equip our laity? Is it topical, by book, chapter and verse, or extemporaneous? Are we teaching, how to pray?

Before our clergy and laity are sent into all the world to fulfill the mandate of Jesus and our mission statement, first, let's energize our Faith - for we walk by faith not by sight; secondly, let's activate "Be" into "Being" about our Father's business by 1. "Being Equipped", 2. being ready - instant in season and out, 3. being kindly affectioned one to another - showing lovingkindness.

We can start by each one reaching and teaching one, then when the UR gets together with the CH-CH, the CHURCH really will be on the move.

-- Anonymous, January 04, 2002

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