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Motorist drives 15,000 miles nude



DES MOINES, Iowa - A nudist with a streak of boldness said he reached his 2001 goal of driving 15,000 miles in the buff, a newspaper reported Thursday.

Dave Wolz, 47, sent an e-mail message to the Des Moines Register claiming to have driven the distance without clothes mostly on several Midwestern trips to chess tournaments.

A few times Wolz said he was spotted by passing motorists who reported him to police, but he managed to don shorts before being stopped.

One deputy who stopped the naked Wolz for a broken light was ``not at all distressed and was amused when I told him of my goal,'' he wrote.

Wolz told the newspaper he had set a goal of 20,000 miles of ``buff motoring'' for 2002. ``I may decide to rent a car to do it, though,'' he said.

Copyright 2001, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

[You may want to bring your own seat covers if you rent a car this year...]

Is this going to become a trend, do you think? LOL

-- Anonymous, January 02, 2002

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