Older Compur cable release recepter?

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These seem to be somewhat fragile on older Compur shutters. I have no less than 3 Compur shutters with missing cable release receptors. They were originally "swedged" at the base to hold them in place, and I suppose a good sharp fall must dislodge them. 1 is Compound, one is #2, and one is everyday #1.

Does anyone know of a source for replacements. OR Can anyone guide me to a source for the unique wedge shaped tap that would be required if I was to make my own?

Thanks and Happy New Year to all.

-- Jim Galli (jimgalli@lnett.com), January 02, 2002


www.skgrimes.com--he'll either tell you what you need to know or will be able to fix them for you.

-- Russell Levin (rllevin@fast.net), January 02, 2002.

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