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I just screwed a fairly good quality (sony) 1.5 video teleconverter to the front of my Schneider 270 telephoto. Looking at the ariel image of a resolutation chart through a 6X loupe, things look pretty good. I very seldom need a 400mm, and this looks like a cheap (and light) compromise, or do you think I would be better off just using the 270 and cropping down to a 400mm image? I also have an old (90yrs) 8X10 lens that I could use the back element off of, to get over 400mm but I suspect this would be better than that?

Has anyone else played with this?


-- Neal Shields (, January 01, 2002


Yae I have a Cannon !.4 convertor for 67 mm so I just loose one stop. I use it on several lenses all witha different effect. What you have to realise is that the image circle shrinks. Well the sharp part of it does. I shoot 8x10 so when I put it on the fuji 250 that just covers it make s a great 4x5 lense. But the smeared look of the outside 2 or 3 inches is a great portrait effect. It works best on the 480 roden.. Because the image circle is so large the smear does not get into the film. The sharp centre seems as sharp as usual but then I don't do big enlargements, a 20 x 24 is only 2.5x. so use it and have fun but realise thre are limits , Like the lack of movement , But it does a grea job on a portrait effect. So the 250 becomes a 375 which is just right for portraits for me.

-- Ed (, January 01, 2002.

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