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I have just finished reading "God: A Biography" by Jack Miles. It's an analysis of the Hebrew Bible as a work of literature, rather than a religious or historical text. Miles does with the Tanakh what we here are trying to do with Aeon Flux, only much, much better. In short, this is how you do literary criticism.

The analysis itself impressed me greatly as Miles squeezes every last clue from the Bible to unveil for us the character of God and how it changes over "time". It's a masterful work.

-- Eternal Triangle (, January 01, 2002


Give me a break. How can any one person squeeze every last clue from the Bible. The title alone sounds completely ridiculous. And besides that, any true exegesis would have to multiple times larger than the Bible itself. Why do people keep buying religious pop literature?

-- Logo (, January 02, 2002.

If that is your evidence for believing that this book is "religious pop literature", then I am unimpressed. Here's my evidence showing otherwise. 1. I actually read it and recommend it. 2. Miles got a Pulitzer prize for it.

-- Eternal Triangle (, January 02, 2002.

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-- dangerboy (, January 05, 2002.

Jack Miles has also written on the New Testament in the book Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God. Visit his website: to learn more about Jack Miles and his literary approach to the Bible.

Jack Miles Online

-- Eric David (, August 26, 2003.

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